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Drunk fun

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backflip on girls head

WTF!! Burglary suspects wear permanent marker

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CARROLL, Iowa - Police had no trouble identifying two men accused of trying to break into an apartment.

Police were responding to a call about an attempted burglary when they pulled over a car matching the alleged suspects' vehicle.

Inside the car, officers found two men with their faces blackened with permanent marker. Police said the caller described two men with painted faces attempting to break into an apartment Friday night before driving off.

Balloon Boy Halloween Kit

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Plantraco Microflight, a remote control airplane and blimp company based in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, is looking to capitalize on the "balloon boy" hype with an official "Balloon Boy Halloween Kit" selling online for $19.99.

The Heene family might not be capitalizing on their alleged stunt that captivated the nation, but that's not stopping others from trying to make a buck.

The costume is based on last week's alleged hoax involving Richard and Mayumi Heene, who reported their 6-year-old son, Falcon, had floated away from Fort Collins in a homemade UFO-shaped helium balloon.

The company launched the product Tuesday morning and within hours already had several dozen orders. They are selling direct to consumers as well as to online Halloween costume sites, according to Bud Kays, managing director of Plantraco.

The kit includes a 38-inch Mylar balloon, laser cut gondola and an instruction sheet on how to attach the gondola to the balloon.  Kays said customers need to provide their own helium, string and box.